ESTAMINET Premium Pils


5.2% ABV


Brand values: Manly – Competent

Moment: Thirst-quenching, refreshing pilsner – Aimed at socialising, to be enjoyed in a group


In the 16th century the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and parts of northern France) were occupied by Spain. The Spanish soldiers, led by Alva, looked out for pleasant inns to stay in: tasty drinks, hearty meals and a convivial atmosphere. The lively serving wenches were an added attraction. For this reason “Esta Minetta” (“there are girls”) was code for the better inns.

ESTAMINET is now the name of the new premium pils from PALM Breweries.


In the beer landscape, Belgium has a unique position. Beer has always been deeply rooted in the Belgian culture and tradition. Belgium has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation for its specialty beers since the Middle Ages. Connoisseurs choose Belgian beers for their variety, genuine flavour and character. Nowhere else in the world will you find a wider choice of authentic, colourful local beers. Classic Belgian Pilseners are a close interpretation of the original Czech Pilseners, giving a strong emphasis to aroma hops, especially the Saaz variety (the most expensive and delicate hops in the world). This results in beers that have more taste and character.

ESTAMINET Premium Pils is a typical example of an authentic Belgian beer.


estaminet glas websiteFirst pour out the beer down the side of the glass, holding at an angle then upright, moving the bottle towards or away from the glass to adjust the amount of head and to form an extra stable head by forcing the nitrogen out of the air.

Pour out the bottle in one smooth movement without swirling, i.e. ensure that the outflow from the bottle is never completely closed off by flowing beer when pouring. Swirling hampers the formation and adjustment of a stable head.

When performing the pouring ritual at the table, we leave some beer in the bottle. Reason: beers that have not undergone secondary fermentation in the bottle will form a new head when being poured. In the case of a 75 cl bottle, hold it as horizontally as possible when moving from one glass to the other.

ESTAMINET owes its premium quality to the selection of the best natural ingredients: soft water, 100% high quality summer barley, a distinctive yeast and very precious Saaz hops. Slow, traditional bottom fermentation, a brewing process based on an original recipe and maturation for a full six weeks make ESTAMINET a true Belgian Premium Pils.

aroma and taste
Pepper 1 Ester-Fruitiness 3
Sulphur 5 Solvent 1
Malt 3 Sour 1
Caramel 2 Bitter 4
Full-bodied 3 Oak 1
Sugar 2 Smoked 1
Alcohol-Sweetness 3

score from 1 to 8 (1 = no taste, 8 = dominates all other tastes)


lab analyses
° Plato (extract content g/100 ml) 12.5
% ABV 5.20
Degree of fermentation % 82
Bitterness (BU) 21.0
Colour (EBC) 6