Kriek Boon-en

Kriek BOON    Spontaneous Fermentation


Kriek – 4% ABV


kriek boon glas websiteFirst pour out the beer down the side of the glass, holding at an angle then upright, moving the bottle towards or away from the glass to adjust the amount of head and to form an extra stable head by forcing the nitrogen out of the air.

Pour out the bottle in one smooth movement without swirling, i.e. ensure that the outflow from the bottle is never completely closed off by flowing beer when pouring. Swirling hampers the formation and adjustment of a stable head.

When performing the pouring ritual at the table, we leave some beer in the bottle. Reason: beers that have not undergone secondary fermentation in the bottle will form a new head when being poured. In the case of a 75 cl bottle, hold it as horizontally as possible when moving from one glass to the other.

Traditional fruit beer made from cherries, young Lambic and old Lambic.

Kriek Boon is made by adding 250 g of small wild cherries to 18-month-old Lambic. After fermentative maceration and the addition of young Lambic, it is clarified and filtered and then bottled and kegged.

aroma and taste
Pepper 0 Ester-Fruitiness 5
Sulphur 1 Solvent 2
Malt 0 Sour 5
Caramel 1 Bitter 3
Full-bodied 4 Oak 3
Sugar 2 Smoked 0
Alcohol-Sweetness 2

score from 1 to 8 (1 = no taste, 8 = dominates all other tastes)


lab analyses
° Plato (extract content g/100 ml) 14.0
% ABV 6.50
Degree of fermentation % 85
Bitterness (BU) 24.0
Colour (EBC) 40

kriek boon glas website